Licensing: Do we still have to report song use to CCLI with your backing tracks?

How does licensing work for Worship Backing Band DVDs, Split Tracks and MultiTracks?

We at Worship Backing Band pay a (fairly substantial) fee to the publisher/ song writer for each song sold whether in DVD, Split Track, MultiTrack or chord chart format.

That fee covers our obligations in terms of supplying you a song that is not in public domain. For Split Tracks (and DVDs) this also includes an additional charge to cover the use of lyric display.

Does the church still need to report song use to CCLI?

Despite the fee we have paid for the use of the song, your church will also need to report song use to CCLI with Worship Backing Band tracks in just the same way as you would with a live band. So simply add the title of each song sung each week to your usual CCLI return.

Most churches already have a Church Copyright License (even if all they have done is sing with organist accompaniment in the past) but if you’ve not got one, simply contact CCLI who will be happy to help.

What about online streaming?

You need the CCLI Streaming Plus Licence to use our backing tracks for online services

Can I photocopy Worship Backing Band chord charts?

So long as your church has a photocopy license from CCLI and you report your copying of Worship Backing Band chord charts you may copy and distribute them to others in our worship team.