Free MultiTracks


Free MultiTracks

Free backing track

Each month we try to give a free MultiTrack backing track away. This is always subject to permissions from writers and publishers for gratis use. 

This month's free track is the Nothing But Glory, a great new worship song by Michael Farren, Tony Wood, Johan Asgarde, Oliver Lundstrum.

The theme explores being captivated by God’s presence and works really well for services focussing on intimacy with God. The production is a treat too, going all the way from pop based electronic sounds to acapela moments and because we have it as our free track of the month in MultiTrack format, it’s perfect for integrating with your worship bands and teams.

There's also a free simple chord chart to go with the song.

You will need a copy of Worship Backing Band's MultiTrack Player to play the backing track. MultiTrack is the simplest and least expensive solution to get a full band sound from your worship team, even if you’ve only got a couple of musicians.

There is also a free simple chord chart for the song (not our usual EveryKey Chord Chart but one provided by the song writers themselves).


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