Feedback on the Worship Backing Band MultiTrack Player

I’m an Australian professional sax player and educator with 25 years experience and I’ve been music director/arranger/band leader in a number of churches over the past 20 years or so, in addition to doing a lot of other professional work e.g. live/studio performing etc. In that time, I’ve often been in small churches where there were either no/few musicians or the musicians were very poorly skilled. I was surfing the internet a couple of nights ago and stumbled across your website and after reading about your products, was very excited because what you’ve created with your MultiTrack software is exactly – almost 100% – what I envisioned about 15 years ago: an easy-to-use, flexible, high quality praise and worship technology platform. I’ve used many software packages over the years to try and do what MultiTrack does, and I even contemplated developing my own product 15 years ago when I really started getting into music technology.

I simply wanted to congratulate your company on what you’ve created. From my experiences, I believe that many churches (and other organisations) would have to be incredibly pleased with what your MultiTrack software can do. If you guys were based in Australia, I’d even want to apply for a job with your company because not only can I see an incredible market for your products, but I’d be an enthusiastic proponent of something that I truly believe the Church has needed for many years!

MultiTrack looks incredibly easy to use. I own Ableton and a bunch of other DAWs – the majority of them are definitely too complex for many people to use for live performance if you want any degree of flexibility and reliability.

Lovely words from Gary Mulholland – thanks for the encouragement Gary!