Using the download code to load songs to the Transition Player

We have introduced a new way to download MultiTracks to our Transition Player for Mac/PC and iPad.  This was mainly introduced because of problems that iPad users were experiencing in downloading.  However, it is a much quicker and easier way to get tracks into the Library for all users of the Transition Player whether it is for Mac, PC or iPad.

The video below explains how this works. Alternatively read the text and look at the screen grabs in this article.

When you now purchase a track you will see on your order confirmation a download code underneath the track name. To use the new method firstly, check you have the + sign next to the Library button in the Player. If not upgrade your Transition Player:

  • Mac/PC
    Log into your account and go to My Downloadable Products. Find the download links for the MultiTrack Transition Player. Click to download to Mac or PC and go through the same installation process as when you first purchased the Player. This will update the Player to the newest version without effecting any of the tracks already in your library.
  • iPad – go to the App store and redownload the App (this may happen automatically). You will need IOS 10 or newer to be able to access this update. If you do not have IOS 10 because you have an older model iPad you can continue with the older version of the Player but will not be able to download using the track codes (see the bottom of this article for how to download the older way).

Downloading using the Code:

The new version of the Player will have a + button next to the Library .

How to download tracks using the download code 1

Click on the + And the Download code pop up will appear.

How to download tracks using the download code 2

Click on “Enter Code From Provider” and type in the numbers from your order confirmation. You can use the keypad pop up or the numbers on your keyboard and then press Enter.

The song that you are downloading will appear and the Download button will appear next to the Cancel button. If you key in the incorrect code you will get a Code Not Recognized message. Just key in the correct code.

How to download tracks using the download code 3

Click on Download. As the track downloads you will see a green progress bar on the song name and then you will get the message that the song has been added to the Library.

How to download tracks using the download code 4

Click on the cancel button to move back to the Player interface.

Previous method (and workaround for older iPads)

You can still sign into your account and go to My Downloadable products to download your track manually as you have previously. However, using the codes is a much quicker and more direct way to download.

Ipad users using this older method will have to first download to a Mac/PC. Log in to the iCloud Drive account on the Mac/PC which is associated with the iCloud Drive account used on the iPad. Add the track to the Worship Backing Band folder in the iCloud Drive Folder. This will then sync with your iPad and the track will automatically be added to the Library.

What about older purchases?

If you purchased MultiTracks some time ago (prior to the release of the Transition Player) you will need to pick up the Transition version of those songs.

What you will need is the email address you used to purchase the old MultiTracks.

Click here to log in and pick up those songs as Transition tracks free-of-charge.

With these older purchases the download code will not appear  so you will have to use the previous method / workaround described above.

How do I buy the iPad, Mac and PC Transition MultiTrack Player?

You purchase the PC/Mac Transition Player on the Worship Backing Band website.

You’ll then be shown (and emailed) a link to download the Player. This is also stored in My Account/My Downloadable Products on the webstore.

Click the Mac or PC link to download. If you see a warning message (eg Windows Defender SmartScreen message) please overrule the message. On Windows you do this by clicking More info and then Run anyway.

You will then be taken through a download process. Simply click to proceed as you would with any new software.

When you open the Player you’ll see the player window. This is re-sizeable by the user but always maintains the same aspect ratio (4/3). On a Mac, it you make it full screen, it will resize to a different aspect, but the basic relationship of the elements to each other remains, just with a bit more space in between. On Windows, the aspect is always constrained to the 4/3 aspect ratio.

iPad Transition Player

You have to buy the iPad Player from the App Store. Click Here

Note that iCloud Drive MUST be enabled to download and use the Player.

You cannot sync between the PC/Mac and iPad Players and these are separate purchases (i.e. you get both Mac and PC in the single Worship Backing Band website purchase but you will need to separately and additionally purchase the iPad Player from the App store.)

The new Transition MultiTrack Player for Mac, PC and iPad is here

The new Transition Player: everything you need to know

The new Worship Backing Band Transition Player is an easy-to-use MultiTrack Player for Mac, PC and iPad. It incorporates touch screen support for devices with that functionality and can also be used with a footswitch.

It has a number of exciting new features that were not available in our old Player. Whilst based on the functionality of our iPad Player, the new Mac and PC Transition Player also allows you to import your own and third party MultiTracks.

It also comes with EIGHT free MultiTracks!

MultiTracks are designed for worship teams with missing musicians. They give the versatility of live worship even when you have few (or no) musicians.

Choose your instrument mix, adjust volumes, loop, jump and repeat song sections, change key and tempo to suit your congregation.

Import your own or third party MultiTracks

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How to change key and tempo in the Transition MultiTrack Player

You change key and tempo by pressing the up or down arrow buttons above and below the key and BPM. Changes will be reflected in the playlist.

The original key and tempo is always highlighted in red so it is easy to find and go back to the original settings.

Note that vocals do not transpose well beyond a semitone or two.

Buying the Player

Buy the Worship Backing Band Transition Mac and PC MultiTrack Player from our website and the iPad Player form the App Store.

How to build, name, save and re-order a playlist in the Transition Player

In the player hit the Library button. You’ll see all your songs in the central pane. Swipe, or click and drag them to the right to build a playlist.

You can drag and drop songs to re-order the list.  

You can hit the play button on the red highlighted song or double click to load a different song.

If you want to save your playlist select the SAVE PLAY LIST button at the bottom right. Playlists can be named here and will appear in the left hand column.

Load, re-name or delete any playlist with a long press or click and hold on the playlist name itself.

Buying the Player

Buy the Worship Backing Band Transition Mac and PC MultiTrack Player from our website and the iPad Player form the App Store.

How to set a default mix using the group mute and resetting a mix

The group mute button is like a global mix override that works for every song.

It is very useful for setting up a standard mix to work with your worship team. For example, you may always have an acoustic guitar, bass and keyboard in your band so these can be muted all the time. Using the ‘group mute’ function in this way means that you don’t need to set muting individually for every song.

If, however, you want to set up a mix for each song in your set it would then be possible to use the ‘group mute’ to hear a different combination of instruments. For example, being able to strip back to just bass and drums in the middle of a song.

All mixes are reset back to default by hitting the reset mix button.

Buying the Player

Buy the Worship Backing Band Transition Mac and PC MultiTrack Player from our website and the iPad Player form the App Store.

How to use an audio interface

The Worship Backing Band Transition Transition Player can use any audio interface and can send output to up to 8 channels (2 channels on the iPad). To do so, select the audio interface from the selector on the audio settings page and select “Multichannel Output” instead of ‘Default Audio Split’, and set the dial to the number of channels you want to use. This will then show a list including “Main Mix” and “Band Mix” as well as several audio stem groups. The Main Mix, Band Mix and other groups of stems can be played on the different channels by dialing the number dial beside the group name to match the desired channel number.

For instance, to send all key stems (such as keys, piano, etc) to channel 4, set the dial beside ‘Keys’ to read ‘4’. Multiple stem groups can be sent to the same channel. If the dial shows ‘X’ the stem group is set to Off and will not play on any channel.

On Windows (only), you may want to select ‘ASIO Mode’ if recommended by the audio driver for your interface.

Buying the Player

Buy the Worship Backing Band Transition Mac and PC MultiTrack Player from our website and the iPad Player form the App Store.

How to set up a front-of-house and foldback mix

There are two mixes, a right audio channel main mix for the congregation (known as the front-of-house mix) and a left audio channel band mix, which also has a number of click tracks and cues to use as foldback for the band. These mixes are completely independent of each other.

By default the main mix is set with everything flat and the band mix just has the clicks and cues audible. 

The basic idea is to mute the tracks where you have live instruments playing and then boost or cut the other instrument stems to taste.

Note that the click and cue tracks only play through the Left audio channel in the band mix; they never appear in the front-of-house (Right) mix.

If you are struggling to hear the difference in right and left do check with a pair of headphones.

Buying the Player

Buy the Worship Backing Band Transition Mac and PC MultiTrack Player from our website and the iPad Player form the App Store.

Using the click tracks and cues on the Transition MultiTrack Player

There are four click tracks to help the band navigate the song and these function purely on the band mix. There’s a two bar intro click plus a full length click. There’s also a less obtrusive shaker click if you are just putting the tracks through an amp or are worried about the congregation hearing a hard click through your foldback monitors.

Finally there’s a spoken word vocal cue that is there to count in song sections and remind the worship leader and band of hard-to-remember lyrics.
Simply mute whichever tracks you do not want to hear.

Buying the Player

Buy the Worship Backing Band Transition Mac and PC MultiTrack Player from our website and the iPad Player form the App Store.

How to build an arrangement: mix, mute and solo instrument stems

At any time hit the mixer button at the top right and you’ll see the stem sliders appear where you can set up your instrument mix.

There are 14 instrument stems in every song. Lead vocals, background vocals, acoustic guitar, 2 electric guitars, 2 keyboards which is often but not always a piano on keys 1 and something more textural like a pad or Hammond organ on keys 2, bass guitar, drums and a range of click tracks and vocal cues. In some songs some stems may be silent (i.e. have no backing vocals).

You can mute any instrument stem by clicking on its stem name. It will turn red when muted. Hit it again to unmute it.

Pressing the S button directly underneath the stem name will solo that stem.

You can also boost or cut the level of any instrument stem with its respective slider.

Finally on the very left there’s a pale grey master slider for overall volume control.

Settings are automatically saved per song, so even if you go to another song and come back those mix setting will be ready to go when you’re ready to play.

Buying the Player

Buy the Worship Backing Band Transition Mac and PC MultiTrack Player from our website and the iPad Player form the App Store.