Worship Backing Band DVD Volume 7 available now

Today we launch our 7th Worship Backing Band DVD for churches that want to sing contemporary style worship but lack musicians.

The DVD features backing tracks with on-screen lyrics to 35 of the best known worship songs including 10 contemporary band style hymns and carols..

All are recorded in congregational (singable) keys and sung with meaning and emotion by some of the best session musicians involved in today’s modern worship.

The songs on Volume 7 include:

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Using Worship Backing Band MultiTracks in Ableton [Video]

All our MultiTracks come with an Ableton session file. These videos will help you use Worship Backing Band MultiTracks in Ableton.

Worship Backing Band Pro Wav stems for Ableton and other DAWs

How to use Ableton: Key features, settings and controls, navigation, views, loading a track, hot keys

Ableton Basics Part 2: Audio routing options and preferences

Adding loops, instruments recording and using the warp feature in Ableton

Controlling Pro Presenter using Ableton Live

Assigning Midi Controllers on Ableton Live

How to build a set list on Ableton Live

How to use Session View in Ableton

Adjusting tempo, key, and volume in Ableton Live

Adding a lyric video to Ableton Live with Worship Backing Band

How to use the hot keys in the Worship Backing Band MultiTrack Player [Video]

Here’s a quick video showing you how to use the hot keys in the MultiTrack Player.

What are the hot keys and their functions?


  • Start  a song  – space bar
  • Emergency stop – esc


  • Loop the current song section – space bar
  • Jump to a different song section – < >  keys followed by space bar
    (note these are the arrow keys above the , and . on your keyboard, not the up and down page arrow buttons – no need to hold down the shift key)
  • Jump immediately to a different song section – < >  keys followed by G

Soloing/muting instruments

  • Solo/unsolo individual instrument stems  – keys 123456789
  • Mute/unmute individual instrument stems – qwertyuio

Tempo/key change

  • Increase or decrease tempo – A and Z keys
  • Increase or decrease the song’s key – S and Z keys


  • Select different songs in the playlist  – left and right arrow keys

Is Worship Backing Band is right for you? Watch our video guides to the basic functions

It’s really simple to get started with the Worship Backing Band MultiTrack Player. Here are three short video guides showing some of the basic functions:

How to upload a song

How to create a song mix

How to build a set list

Customer reviews

Just downloaded worship backing band software and the song “Forever” and was blown away at how good the tracks sounded as well as how easy it was to install and use! One of the best pieces of software I’ve ever bought no doubt! Consider this coming from a producer,songwriter, guitarist, & sound engineer who has used Pro Tools and produced three albums over the last 6 years! Great software for learning and teaching. I’ll find out how well it works in a live environment very soon! Job well done folks!

Scott Patrick

We are blown away by your excellent program. Our worship team has never been better since we’ve implemented it into our system. “We are fans for life!” would be an understatement. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

Jen Flatt Osborn – Praise and Worship Team Leader, New Life Harvest Church, Bacliff, Texas