How to use an audio interface

The Worship Backing Band Transition Transition Player can use any audio interface and can send output to up to 8 channels (2 channels on the iPad). To do so, select the audio interface from the selector on the audio settings page and select “Multichannel Output” instead of ‘Default Audio Split’, and set the dial to the number of channels you want to use. This will then show a list including “Main Mix” and “Band Mix” as well as several audio stem groups. The Main Mix, Band Mix and other groups of stems can be played on the different channels by dialing the number dial beside the group name to match the desired channel number.

For instance, to send all key stems (such as keys, piano, etc) to channel 4, set the dial beside ‘Keys’ to read ‘4’. Multiple stem groups can be sent to the same channel. If the dial shows ‘X’ the stem group is set to Off and will not play on any channel.

On Windows (only), you may want to select ‘ASIO Mode’ if recommended by the audio driver for your interface.

Buying the Player

Buy the Worship Backing Band Transition Mac and PC MultiTrack Player from our website and the iPad Player form the App Store.