How to use the transition pads in Worship Backing Band’s MultiTrack Player

Lots of customers have asked about ways to keep music flowing between songs and for this we’ve built in some transition pad sounds. Controls are below the Play, Stop and Rewind buttons.

Clicking the left hand volume up button slowly swells in a pad sound in the key of the song currently being played. As the player sets up the next song in the playlist, if it is in a different key to the outgoing song, you have the option of pressing the crossfade (X) button in the middle. This will crossfade a new pad in the key of the upcoming song. You can start the new song at any time and when you’re ready, press the volume down button to the right of the crossfade button, which will slowly fade the pad sound out.

Overall volume control for the pads is on a little horizontal slider directly underneath the crossfade and swell buttons.

Buy the Worship Backing Band Transition Mac and PC MultiTrack Player from our website and the iPad Player form the App Store.