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The struggle we face when we create new backing tracks is often that those new songs are simply not known by the majority of churches, especially the smaller churches that tend to be Worship Backing Band’s main customer base. This means that it can take months or even years before sales really start to come through as the songs become more widely known.

That’s all very different with hymns where we take a well known public domain hymn and record it in a contemporary band style. The traditional hymn is still very recognisable but rather than the organ accompaniment and 4-part SATB harmony, we provide a contemporary band for the music, with some orchestral accompaniment in some songs and give them all more of a modern sound.

Our producer Shawn Thomas has done a great job with our latest releases which include a nice little twist on Come Thou Long Expected Jesus with the melody of Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing in the last verse.

These are in both MultiTrack and Split Track format and each comes with a FREE simple chord chart:

Blessed Assurance
An uplifting arrangement of this timelessly classic hymn using a 12/8 time signature to keep the triple feel of the rhythm, but adding a 4/4 feel to the phrasing. Your congregation will be swaying along!

Come Thou Long Expected Jesus
A unique arrangement of this triple-meter hymn starting out with the traditional melody, and then incorporating the melody of “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing” for the last verse. A contemporary arrangement with an orchestral feel.

I Have Decided to Follow Jesus
Your congregation will enjoy the worshipful start to this spiritual gospel tune as it builds each verse into a rhythmic celebration. Start out praying and end up clapping!

I’ll Fly Away
Enjoy this southern gospel staple with a dramatic half-time first verse that leads into the hand-clapping, foot-tapping tempo of the remainder of the song.

We’d really encourage our customers from outside the US to check this hymn out if it is new to you. Very popular in the States.

Immortal Invisible God Only Wise
Your congregation will enjoy this contemporary yet orchestral arrangement of this traditional hymn, and your praise band will enjoy the simplified chord progressions!

Listen to samples of the new tracks

Click the video button below to listen to 30 second audio samples of each of the new tracks.

About MultiTracks

MultiTracks can be played using either our own easy-to-use Transition MultiTrack Player (Mac, PC and iPad) or any DAW such as Ableton, ProTools or GarageBand. Mix, mute or solo any instrument stem, repeat any song section with a single click. They are just like working with a live band and can also be used alongside your musicians to fill out the sound.

About Split Tracks

Split Tracks are great for smaller churches on a budget. The tracks have fully adjustable vocals and come with on-screen lyrics. Split Tracks are played using any standard MP4 player such as Windows Media Player or VLC.

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