29 new Split Tracks

Worship Split Tracks

We have just launched 29 new Split Tracks. Links as follows:

Split Tracks are simple-to-use video backing tracks in MP4 format mainly used by churches or small groups with no musicians. The tracks feature on-screen lyrics which move automatically in time with the music as well as mixable vocals. This means you can have vocals from zero to full volume depending on whether you have confident worship leaders or not.

You can use Split Tracks on a Mac, PC, tablet or even a phone without any specialist software. They simply use something like the freely available iTunes, VLC or Real Player.

Split Tracks are not MultiTracks so will not work in our Mac,PC or iPad MultiTrack players. If you want additional functionality such as key change or the ability to repeat song sections then you need the MultiTrack Player.

Information on Split Tracks in the video below or click the link here to see what is available and to buy the tracks.

Volume discounts available when you buy 10 or more Split Tracks at the same time. Further price breaks at 25 and 50 tracks.

You also benefit from great bundle discounts available when you buy ten or more Split Tracks at the same time.