How to use the hot keys in the Worship Backing Band MultiTrack Player [Video]

Here’s a quick video showing you how to use the hot keys in the MultiTrack Player.

What are the hot keys and their functions?


  • Start  a song  – space bar
  • Emergency stop – esc


  • Loop the current song section – space bar
  • Jump to a different song section – < >  keys followed by space bar
    (note these are the arrow keys above the , and . on your keyboard, not the up and down page arrow buttons – no need to hold down the shift key)
  • Jump immediately to a different song section – < >  keys followed by G

Soloing/muting instruments

  • Solo/unsolo individual instrument stems  – keys 123456789
  • Mute/unmute individual instrument stems – qwertyuio

Tempo/key change

  • Increase or decrease tempo – A and Z keys
  • Increase or decrease the song’s key – S and Z keys


  • Select different songs in the playlist  – left and right arrow keys