Using Stem Tracks and MultiTracks in Worship: An Independent Guide by a Worship Leader


Despite having a worship band and being a talented multi-instrumentalist himself, Florida-based worship leader Shawn Thomas has been using MultiTracks in the services he leads for the last five years.

When talking to musicians in other churches Shawn realised that there was a lot of confusion and misinformation about MultiTracks. He created this video which does a great job in explaining how MultiTracks work and how he uses them in his church. And this was NOT a paid endorsement!

He blows the myth that they are only for high-tech people, and also that they are something that only big churches use.

He explains that MultiTracks are a far cry from the ‘canned’ music you might think them to be and goes into detail about how you can easily use them to keep a truly live feel to your worship – keeping a song going by repeating a chorus or play a section with instruments only while you lead a time of prayer.

Shawn also talks about why he chooses to use Worship Backing Band rather than the other MultiTrack providers. And no, we have not paid him to create this video!