Song Format Guide

We have a number of backing track options with different levels of functionality and budget. You’ll find all our backing track options the lowest cost on the market. All our backing tracks have optional lead and background vocals.

The lowest cost option are our Split Track Compilation DVDs. Split Tracks can also be purchased as individual downloads. For more functionality look at our MultiTracks which play in our easy-to-use Mac, PC and iPad Transition MultiTrack Players.

For more DAW users upi can download our WAVs and simply import them into ANY DAW such as GarageBand, ProTools or Ableton and you're ready to go. All WAVs/stem files are provided full length with identical start and end times.

Our chord charts perfectly mirror the chords and song structure of our Worship Backing Band song arrangements.

All Songs

MultiTracks & Split Tracks

MultiTracks offer the most versatility in functionality such as the ability to repeat song sections and change the audio levels of different instruments.

You need either our MultiTrack Transition Player or a DAW such as Ableton or play MultiTracks. Our tracks are formatted ready to go in our Transition Player and WAVs are provided full length with identical start and end times plus a text file with all the song info which allows for easy importing and use.

Split Tracks (and the Split Track Compilation DVDs) are great for churches on a budget that simply want backing tracks with on-screen lyrics and vocals that can be mixed anywhere from zero to full.

Split Tracks play in any standard media player.


MultiTrack Backing Tracks (WAV Stems)

MultiTrack backing tracks are played in our easy-to-use Mac/PC or iPad Transition MultiTrack Player or in any DAW such as Ableton or GarageBand.

MultiTracks give the versatility of live worship even when you have few (or no) musicians. It is simple to choose your instrument mix, adjust volumes, loop and repeat song sections. You can also change key and tempo to suit your congregation.

MultiTracks do not have on-screen lyrics. Most churches use software such as Easy Worship for lyric projection just as they would with a live band.

Split Tracks

Split Tracks are simple MP4 backing tracks available as downloads or on compilation DVDs. They are designed for churches on a budget that want simple, low cost backing tracks with onscreen lyrics and with optional lead vocals. They are played on Mac, PC, tablet or phone using standard free software such as VLC, Windows Media Player or even Powerpoint.

The Compilation DVDs each contain 35 Split Tracks. These can be ripped to your computer or tablet and used in the same way as the downloadable Split Tracks.

Split Tracks cannot be used in the MultiTrack Player. The lyrics, which change in time with the music, are white on a black background (you cannot change the background). Whilst you can change the level of the vocals from 0-100% you cannot change the key, tempo or song structure with Split Tracks.


Chord Charts

We have chord charts available for many of our backing tracks. Our chord charts perfectly follow our Worship Backing Band song structure and have fully accurate chords alongside the lyrics. Chord charts come in one of two formats: EveryKey Chord Charts and Super Chord Charts. More information here.

Backing Track Options






14 instrument stems per song. All real instruments inc. lead & backing vocals (WAV). Mac/PC or iPad.             

Incomplete bands

Split Tracks

Video backing tracks with on-screen lyrics & mixable vocals - non MultiTrack (MP4)

For churches with no musicians

Split Track Compilation DVDs            

Video Split Track backing tracks on DVD compilations (all region)

Great budget conscious option