MultiTrack Backing Tracks

MultiTracks give the versatility of live worship even when you have few (or no) musicians. Easily choose your instrument mix, adjust volumes, loop and repeat song sections, change key and tempo all to suit your congregation.

MultiTracks are individually controllable instrument stems in the audio mix that let you fill in for missing musicians. Our MultiTracks feature 14 instrument stems including lead and background vocals. Having vocals available is extremely helpful for smaller churches or those with less confident worship leaders.

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How MultiTracks work

Use our MultiTracks in our easy-to-use Mac/PC or iPad MultiTrack Players or any DAW such as Ableton or GarageBand.

  • Lowest cost MultiTracks on the market
  • 14 instrument stems per song including lead and background vocals
  • Click tracks and spoken word vocal cues
  • PC, MAC and iPad compatible
  • High Def audio
  • Mix, mute or solo any instrument stem
  • Key change and tempo change
  • Loop, repeat or jump to any song section


How churches use MultiTracks

With MultiTracks you can reconfigure the arrangement to include repeats and variations for your local church context. You can also bring a more unplugged feel to the song by muting whatever instruments you would like.

The original version of worship songs are arranged for radio-play and in a key to suit the original song writer. So rather than replicate the original, our songs are arranged in congregationally-friendly keys without lengthy intros, outros, instrument solos and repeats.

MultiTracks are also great rehearsal tools. Each musician can solo their instrument stem and listen and learn the original part. It’s like rehearsing with a pro worship team!

What you get with a Worship Backing Band MultiTrack

With each MultiTrack purchase from Worship Backing Band you will usually get two products:

  • The full WAV MultiTrack stems for use in any DAW such as Ableton or GarageBand.
    Most songs also come with a free Ableton session file. All WAVs/stem files are provided full length with identical start and end times. A text file with all the song info is also provided to help DAW users quickly start working with the tracks.
  • The ‘Transition’ MultiTrack stems for the Worship Backing Band Transition MultiTrack Player.
    These are pre-configured to plug and play with our Player without the need for additional formatting.
    Transition tracks are designed to take up less space on your devices than standard MultiTracks but without audio quality loss.