MultiTrack software for churches made simple. For Mac/PC and iPad

Our congregation-friendly MultiTracks and Mac, PC and iPad software give the versatility of live worship even when you have few (or no) musicians. Easily choose your instrument mix, adjust volumes, loop and repeat song sections, change key and tempo all to suit your congregation.

Choose our easy-to-use MultiTrack Players and the lowest cost worship MultiTracks on the market. Plus the Transition Player comes with EIGHT free MultiTracks worth $136 (£104).

Transition MultiTrack Player for Mac/PC

  • Easiest-to-use MultiTrack player available
  • PC and MAC compatible
  • Transition between songs with pad sounds, even when songs are in different keys
  • High Def audio
  • 14 instrument stems per song including lead and background vocals
  • Click tracks and spoken word vocal cues
  • Mix, mute or solo any instrument stem
  • Key change and tempo change
  • Loop, repeat or jump to any song section
  • Configure and save your song arrangement (verses, chorus, repeats and loops) in advance or on the fly
  • Footswitch and mouse control
  • Audio interface with up to 8 channels
  • Easily import your own stems or songs from providers
    such as Loop Community and
  • No additional hardware or software required
  • EIGHT free tracks plus our free track of the month
  • Lowest cost MultiTracks on the market

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Transition MultiTrack App for iPad

  • iPad touchscreen interface design
  • 14 instrument stems inc. vocals, clicks and cues
  • Lead and background vocals included
  • Mix, mute or solo any instrument stem
  • Loop or jump to any song section
  • Key change and tempo change
  • MIDI footswitch compatible
  • Ambient pads for seamless song transitions
  • Save and name setlists/playlists
  • Lossless audio compression for easy song import/iCloud storage
  • Free access to uncompressed WAV song stems for PC/Mac/DAW
  • EIGHT free iPad MultiTracks
  • Everything the Mac/PC Transition Player has except the import tool
  • Instead import third party tracks to iPad Player via our PC/Mac Player import tool (See how-to video)

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Worship Backing Band MultiTracks work in both Mac/PC and iPad players

When you buy a MultiTrack from Worship Backing Band you get Transition tracks for the PC, Mac and iPad Players PLUS full studio wavs for any other DAW in the same purchase.

If you already own WBB MultiTracks click here to log in and pick up those songs as Transition tracks free-of-charge.

But don't just take our word for how great our MultiTrack Player is

Here is an introduction to MultiTracks from Florida worship leader Shawn Thomas. He uses Worship Backing Band's Transition MultiTrack Player to demonstrate how MultiTracks work and explains why he uses our Player and tracks.