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Song Format Options

Songs come in a variety of formats.

For the most functionality select MultiTracks. These are used in our Transition MultiTrack Player or any DAW such as GarageBand.

At a lower cost and with less functionality select Split Tracks. These are MP4 video tracks that include on-screen words and optional vocals. They play using any standard media player such as VLC and can be downloaded individually or alternately purchased on our compilation DVDs. The DVDs are the lowest cost way to get started with a library of songs.

Chord charts are available for many of our tracks. These come in one of two types: EveryKey Chord Charts and Super Chord Charts.

Save money with credits

If you plan on purchasing multiple songs in the coming months you can save money by purchasing our credits. These enable volume discounts without the need to select all the songs you want to use today. Simply purchase credits which then work as vouchers that can be redeemed against future purchases.



Excellent bang-for-the-buck - an extremely useful tool for small worship teams or soloists. A decent selection of well-known worship songs. Vocal cues are well-placed and very helpful.

Worship Leader Magazine

Having been a worship pastor for almost 20 years, I have found my new go-to worship tool. It is absolutely worth the investment. Worship Backing Band is hands down the best product I've seen in terms of cost to get started, setup and use in live worship.

Pastor Bill Yomes, Reedswood Christian Church VA, USA

We are a small rural church in Kansas. We are looking to truly balance our blend of music in worship with hymns and today's modern worship songs. One of our obstacles is musicians who are able to play them. Worship Backing Band takes care of that.

Chris Thomas, Kansas, US

My wife and I have a ministry to take worship out of the church buildings and into the public square. This gives us flexibility easily and without having a degree in tech. Easy to manage a library of songs, easy to manipulate keys & timings.

Gary Arnold, Bartow, FL. USA

I just purchased the Transition Player for use in our small church. After downloading it, the transfer of previously purchased Multitracks went seamlessly. Worship Backing Band is a blessing.

Nora Childers, Woodside United Methodist Church, Delaware USA

Our church just bought this software. Being the music director and a bit of a tech-nerd, I'm very happy with how things are going and all the potential this tool brings to leading worship.

Nicolas DiBlasi, Deer Creek Baptist Church, Indiana, USA

This works great. We have lots of older people and I am able to turn down the electric guitars, drums, bass and we have a service almost like the youth pastor is here. It gives me the ability/flexibility to lead and not have to worry about playing piano.

Chris Buehrer. Ohio, USA

I am a volunteer church worship leader and I am very impressed by the cue track which directs the band, the arrangement of the songs and the overall quality. The songs are arranged for congregational singing and all for a reasonable price.

James Sintz, Hillcrest Baptist Church, Ohio, USA

I use the split tracks to teach songs to the Youth Praise Team vocalists. With lyrics available it cuts my prep time to a simple click and download. With singable vocal ranges, we simply put the songs into ProPresenter and ta-da we are setup for worship.

Barry Collins, Pastor of Worship, First Baptist Church of Gray, GA USA

The MultiTrack player is incredibly easy to use. I own Ableton and other DAWs but the majority are too complex for many people to use for live performance if you want any degree of flexibility and reliability. Congratulations on what you've created.

Gary Mulholland, Australia

Can't beat the price, the ease of set-up or the simplicity of performance.

Gary Arnold, Bartow, FL. USA

A downloadable multi-track player created specifically with the budget-conscious church in mind.

Worship Leader Magazine

We use WBB MultiTracks to sing Karaoke style with lead vocals and it is refreshing and amazingly straightforward - removing the click track, altering levels etc. I also use tracks as practice tools, muting an instrument that I fancy playing along with.

Dave Frances, Dublin West Community Church, Dublin, Ireland

Worship Backing Band is FANTASTIC! The ability to change key & speed hits the mark.

Eric Simpson

Love the tempo and key change.

Ken Granger, Friedens United Church of Christ, Indiana, USA

Thank you to you and the whole WBB crew who have put so much time and effort into creating a great product like this. You are a blessing!

Kevin Wilbur

Thanks so much for listening and making a great product even better!!!

Rae Runge, Canada

Thank you for such incredible prices. You have created such content for so little in return.

Jen Flatt Osborn

To fellow worship leaders…This is an incredible tool. You need to check this out. If you have looked at the prices of multi-track stems before, you will know this is CHEAP!

Clifton Worley, Christian Life Assembly of God, Mississippi USA

I like this app because it allows me to practice songs on bass with a full band. You can cut individual tracks to play your instrument and you can isolate your instrument to listen to how that piece is played.

Jac Daniels via App Store

We are now able to sing hymns and modern worship songs. We love the professional sound in a small church setting and the customer service has been phenomenal since we have been using their music. Thanks for providing a low cost avenue for small churches.

Chris Thomas, Kansas, US