Split Tracks

Split Tracks are simple-to-use, low cost MP4 video backing tracks. They are ideally suited for smaller churches without musicians. A great alternative to MultiTracks for churches on a budget that want simple, quality backing tracks.

Split Tracks can be downloaded individually from our website (select Split Tracks not MultiTracks) or alternatively buy our compilation DVDs. Each DVD has 35 Split Tracks for a great low price.

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Features of Split Tracks

Split Tracks feature easy-to-read lyrics that change in time with the music.

The DVDs play in your TV or computer DVD player. Or drag and drop song files to your PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. Connect the computer to your church sound system and projector and you're good to go.

Build Split Track playlists in standard media players (Windows Media, iTunes, EasyWorship, Powerpoint etc).

Vocal levels can be mixed from 0 - 100%.

Limitations of Split Tracks

Split Tracks are a budget product designed for churches without any musicians that want great quality backing tracks but with limited functionality.

Split Tracks cannot be used in the MultiTrack Player instead use something like VLC or Windows Media Player.

The lyrics are white on a black background (you cannot change the background) and change in time with the music.

Note that you cannot change the key, tempo or song structure with Split Tracks. For this you need MultiTracks.