Chord Charts

Chord charts are available for many of our backing tracks. Our chord charts perfectly follow the Worship Backing Band song structure and have fully accurate chords alongside the lyrics plus other features such as strumming patterns.

Chord charts come in either one of two formats: our new EveryKey Chord Charts and the older Super Chord Charts. Check the product description when you buy to understand which format you will receive.

Buy Chord Charts

EveryKey Chord Charts and Lead Sheets for Worship

  • 12 PDF chord charts per song, one for every key (+ a Nashville Numbers chart)
  • Chords and lyrics arranged across 4 bar sections, under beat counts
  • Clear, easy-to-follow segmented song sections
  • A suggested song structure (Int, V1, Ch 1, V2, Bridge etc)
  • Structure precisely mirrors Worship Backing Band's MultiTracks
  • Strumming pattern and 5 capo charts (G E D C A shapes) for guitarists
  • Web link to easy-to-play guitar chord diagrams for all open capo keys (G E D C A)

Super Chord Charts

Super chord charts are an older format and are a little different. Take a look at an interactive sample here. Run your mouse over the chart to have the different areas explained.

Each super chord chart features:

  • The entire song on a single sheet (a second complete sheet for capo chords)
  • The song title, key and capo fret positioning
  • Each song part clearly divided into easy-to-follow sections
  • Bar lines between words
  • Exact intro and outro sequences
  • A breakdown and map of the song structure
  • Notes on when instruments drop in and out
  • Chord diagrams of recommended chord shapes that sound best with that song
  • A rhythm guide complete with acoustic guitar strumming pattern, bass groove and drum groove