DVD Compilations

Designed for churches or small groups on a budget that want great times of worship but don't have any musicians. DVD compilations are the lowest cost way to access a library of backing tracks.

Each Worship Backing Band DVD contains Split Track backing tracks for 35 contemporary worship songs with on-screen lyrics and mixable vocals. This means that you can set the vocals at zero or all the way up to full depending on whether you have a confident lead singer.

Buy DVD Compilations

Low cost worship backing tracks on DVD

The songs are video MP4s with on-screen words and the audio in "Split Track" format meaning that the vocal volume can be adjusted from zero to full. The songs are in congregational (singable) keys and sung with meaning and emotion by some of the best session musicians involved in today's modern worship.

Features are as follows:

  • Programmable play lists so you can choose the songs in advance and have them seamlessly flow from one song to the next
  • As well as a TV/DVD, PC or Mac, you can easily rip the songs to a tablet or smartphone. You can even use them in Powerpoint, MediaShout and Easy Worship
  • Select the songs individually via the simple DVD menu system or make a playlist where one song automatically follows the next via any standard media player like iTunes, Windows Media Player or VLC 
  • Lead vocals can be mixed from zero to full

The DVDs are formatted for all regions so work in any DVD player or computer across the world. Whilst all the songs on our DVDs are available as individual downloads the DVDs represent best value for money. Just $1.18 or £0.83 per track when you buy a bundle of all the DVDs together. To download Split Tracks individually, the price is $8 or £6 so the saving on the DVDs is HUGE!

On-screen words

The on-screen words automatically move with the music. These are easy-to-read white text on a black background.

Simply connect your DVD player or computer to your PA system and video projector using the standard audio out jack and HDMI or other display port (just as you would if you were playing a video).

If you are using the DVDs in a home group setting you can simply use them in your TV's DVD player.

Once you have copied the songs from the DVD to a device of your choice you can even create playlists for each service