MultiTrack Player

The Worship Backing Band Transition Player is an easy-to-use MultiTrack Player for Mac and PC (the iPad version is purchased from the App Store).

Our Transition MultiTrack Player is the simplest-to-use player on the market and is designed with live worship in mind. It incorporates touch screen support for devices with that functionality and can also be used with a footswitch.

The Mac and PC version includes the additional ability to import your own and third party MultiTracks.

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  • PC and Mac compatible (with iPad app also available)
  • Mix, mute or solo any instrument stem
  • Key change and tempo change
  • Loop, repeat or jump to any song section
  • Configure and save your song arrangement (verses, chorus, repeats and loops) in advance or on the fly
  • Transition between songs with pad sounds, even when songs are in different keys
  • Build, name and save multiple play lists
  • Audio interface with up to 8 channels
  • Import and edit songs from other providers (or your own songs) with an easy-to-use edit tool
  • High Def audio
  • 14 instrument stems per song including lead and background vocals
  • Click tracks and spoken word vocal cues
  • Footswitch and mouse control
  • No additional hardware or software required
  • Lowest cost MultiTracks on the market

Plus you get EIGHT free MultiTracks bundled with the Player worth $136 (£104) and our free track of the month. 

Who is it suited for?

Worship Backing Band has always been focussed on serving the needs of small and medium sized churches that don't have big budgets or large worship teams with salaried worship leaders.

Our software is designed to be simple-to-use without all the (confusing) bells and whistles of a full DAW such as Ableton.

Most of the churches that use our software have small, and often incomplete, worship teams. Worship Backing Band fills in for missing musicians. You can play along with the backing tracks muting the instruments that you have playing live. Or alternately simply use our MultiTracks in place of the entire worship team.

Using the Player you can mix the arrangement of songs to your context so have more of an acoustic feel if you prefer. You can change key and tempo to suit your congregation and of course loop and repeat song sections just as you would with a live band.

But don't take our word for it. The video on the left is by Florida-based worship leader Shawn Thomas. Shawn has been using Worship Backing Band in the services he leads for the last five years.

When talking to musicians in other churches he realised that there was a lot of confusion and misinformation about MultiTracks. He created this video which does a great job in explaining how MultiTracks work and how he uses them in his church. And this was NOT a paid endorsement!

Here's what another of our typical customers has to say:

"Having been a worship pastor for almost 20 years, I have served in large and not so large churches. Worship Backing Band is hands down the best product I've seen in terms of cost to get started, setup and use in live worship, and flexibility for key, tempo, and roadmap. I have found my new go-to worship tool. It is absolutely worth the investment.
Pastor Bill Yomes, Reedswood Christian Church, Virginia USA


Great value for congregational worship AND rehearsal

The Player and the songs are yours to keep forever, not to rent, at a great value price.

We believe our Player to be the SIMPLEST and the BEST VALUE MultiTrack package around. You will save even more when purchasing songs in bulk.

The Player is great for learning band parts too. You can Solo any stem to easily hear the exact instrument part; loop the part over and over to practice and even slow complicated sections right down until you get the hang of it.

About MultiTracks

Our MultiTracks are designed for worship teams with missing musicians. They give the versatility of live worship even when you have few (or no) musicians. Choose your instrument mix, adjust volumes, loop and repeat song sections, change key and tempo to suit your congregation. MultiTracks are also great practice tools as you can solo any instrument and listen to the professional part before joining in yourself.

The Transition Player seamlessly integrates Worship Backing Band’s downloadable multitracks and the Mac and PC Players also have an import function for your own or third party MultiTracks. If you have the iPad Transition Player you can use the Mac/PC importer to import third party tracks into the iPad Player as well.

Help Videos

Do check out the videos in our Help section (and in this YouTube Playlist) showing how to use features like importing a song and using a foot pedal. We reckon it will take you all of about 30 minutes to watch the videos and get started using the Player like a pro!

MultiTrack Stems - what you get

  1. Two Bar Intro Click
  2. Lead Vox - most other MultiTrack providers do not include lead vocals - we think they are essential for many churches
  3. Backing Vox - most other MultiTrack providers do not include background vocals - we know how important they are for many smaller churches
  4. Acoustic Guitar
  5. Electric Guitar 1
  6. Electric Guitar 2
  7. Keyboards 1
  8. Keyboards 2
  9. Bass
  10. Drums
  11. Extras (more guitars/ keys/ programming etc - song specific)
  12. Click
  13. Shaker (natural click)
  14. Vox Cue - spoken word vocal cue (lyrics, count-ins, sections, endings etc)

Free MultiTracks!

Once you have bought the full version of the player you will get our FREE MultiTrack of the month*.